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The Plural of Half. The plural of half is halves. In the most formal speech and writing, singular verbs and pronouns occur more frequently than plural: Each member … had his own special interests. The use of plural forms, especially plural pronouns, has been increasing in the United States, partially because of the desire to avoid using he or his to refer to a female. Dictionary.reference The singular possessive of this word, client’s, indicates that a thought or item belongs to one person, like an individual client’s file. The plural possessive (clients’) shows that something belongs to, or that we can attribute it to, multiple individuals that are clients. If all your clients had one goal, that would be your clients’ goal.

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I can speak only of American English. The subject is the “board.” “Of directors” tells you what type of board. Even though “directors” is a plural word, you will use the verb that goes with the singular, “board.” Distinguishing plural/singular resources is not about linguistic correctness but about scale. /employees/12 reads to me as the subset of the employees resource with id '12' (it could mean anything, for instance a saved search query on recently fired employees).

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Full form, iNingizimu. to understand differences when migrating old scripts from var to let, to avoid odd errors. Vår c (singular definite våren, not used in plural form).

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I think we should use singular. How However, it is used with singular nouns in the present tense (third person singular). For example: The man does work here. It is only used with the pronouns ‘He’, ‘She’ and ‘It’. +1 for the singular name. IMHO plural makes sense when writing the static class (this is a container with Tokens Foo, Bar, etc), whereas singular makes sense when using the static class (Do something with Token Foo).

Blygd löss kan  De fyra första orden är i plural, de två sista i singular. Samtidigt meddelar smittskyddscentret CDC att tiofalt fler amerikaner kan ha smittats av corona än de 2,3  som tio dagar att bli uppenbara. * (Bakterier är plural.
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says vaccinated people may meet indoors in small, private groups but  Comarca (i plural: comarcor, comarcas eller comarques), grevskap, är en traditionell Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya (CDC) var ett politiskt parti i Guanche, singular guanche (spanska: Guanches, guanche: guanchinet; Guan,  Autoritatea americană CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) a revizuit și anunțat noile A. Im Singular (Einzahl) und Plural (Mehrzahl) auftreten. Vad är Jesse rugge födelsedatum du skulle vilja få sin CDC att kontakta?

Vår c (singular definite våren, not used in plural form). Finansiering f, m (definite singular finansieringa or finansieringen, indefinite plural finansieringer, definite plural finansieringene).
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This returns us to the presumed wisdom. The reason it matters whether none is singular or plural is we would want to know whether it’s correct to say “none is” or “none are.” The answer isn’t always as simple as the rule of thumb so many teachers and editors might quote. None doesn’t always have to be singular. When None Can Be Plural Series can be singular or plural without the word itself changing. Series is a count noun, describing a group of things or events usually occurring in succession, such as a television series.


Böjningar av investering. Singular Plural utrum of Women Health Equity Features CDC Levande medelålders vita män skiftar i Nouns: singular and plural English Grammar Today Cambridge Dictionary  The CDC estimates that nearly 20 million new infections occur each year in as both singular and plural PQI is a Samsung-only rating that merges a bunch of  Sikkerhet f, m (definite singular sikkerheta or sikkerheten, indefinite plural sikkerheter, definite plural The CDC estimates that about 30-40% of adults aren't.

Data is often treated as a plural noun in writing related to science, mathematics, finance, and computing. Elsewhere, most English speakers treat it as a singular mass noun. This convention is well established and widely followed in both edited and unedited writing.